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The flagship supplement from Equine-X® that aims to help promote both the wellbeing and performance of your horse through a Research-Driven approach.

Guided by Science, CONNEXION® is formulated for the nutritional support of the horse’s natural connective tissue systems and brings a unique blend of high-quality ingredients together which are known to promote collagen strength, bone mineralisation and immunity. Collagen is a major component of tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bones.


Nutritional Support For Horses Connective Tissues

Tendons | Ligaments | Cartilage | Bones | Immunity

Provides a highly bioavailable form of dietary Silicon microencapsulated with Acacia Gum, a natural fibre prebiotic, and blended with a trio of Essential Amino Acids. Formulated for the equine connective tissue systems.


Wellbeing + Performance

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it Up.

“Si [dietary Silicon] can positively influence bone density, structure, and strength, as well as collagen metabolism in connective tissues, indicating the possibility to affect degraded cartilage and arthritis.”

(Pritchard et al, 2020).


The wellbeing and performance of your horse is our mission. We are dedicated to producing products you believe in and will use time and time again.

Premium Supplement

Premium Supplement

Equine-X® is devoted to providing premium nutrition to help meet the modern day demands for your valued equine partner.

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