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We are Equine-X®

At Equine-X®, we are a sum of all our parts. From Equine Science and scientific academic qualifications, to equestrian industry experience, with a mixture of competitive and leisure riding interests, combined with clinical research and regulated industry backgrounds. This blend of skills and knowledge has combined to create our core values of:

  • Driven by Research
  • Guided by Science
  • Led by Integrity
  • Defined by Quality


Science + Horse Owners

As equestrians and horse owners, we experience all too often the difficulty in finding quality and transparent nutritional support for our horses during times of prevention, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and the athletic demands of training and competition. You likely have experienced this too, so we know we are not alone. You are not alone.

Each new scenario has led us on a trail of research and on a mission to decipher the science to determine the best options that support the best outcomes and the best chance for success. This has led us to discover emerging ingredients, optimal nutrient levels and higher bioavailability, all of which require discernment in selecting quality sources throughout the supply chain.


Keeping it Real

That said, at Equine-X® we understand and appreciate that equine nutrition is not an isolated solution, and that nutrition needs considered holistically along with equitation science, equine exercise physiology and behavioural science principles. In fact, we highly believe it is only by taking this 360-degree viewpoint that we can truly make a positive difference for horses.

As such, we seek to provide tailored nutrition, such as CONNEXION®, as a pillar of horsemanship along with a balanced diet, exercise and management programme that also allows horses to have natural lifestyle routines and experiences.

We passionately promote this “Keeping it Real” vision as essential to achieving peak equine wellbeing and performance.

The result?

Equine-X® brings you this vision.
CONNEXION® is the pathfinder.
Let’s do this journey together.


We critically review clinical research and accepted best practice methods, as well as staying informed on progress and trends within the industry, to ensure our products are Driven by Research.


Awareness and understanding of the data that underpins the relevant aspects of scientific publications, journals, books and academic material, means our product ingredient selection is Guided by Science.


Horse wellbeing & performance. Customer relationships. Products. Ingredients. Supply chains. Suppliers. Processes. Standards. We prioritize these to be Defined by Quality.


Built on a foundation of our approach to quality, we believe in open & honest communication, honouring our commitments and ensuring an ethical approach is taken at all times. We choose to be Led by Integrity.


Selecting ingredients at quantities and ratios that make good horse sense, according to the available research & science, we bring all our values together to produce quality products with integrity, that are Formulated for Horses.


High bioavailability. Tailored ratios. Research driven quantities. Discernment in ingredients. A premium product from every angle.

The wellbeing and performance of your horse is our mission. We are dedicated to providing products you believe in and will use time and time again.

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